DAAN (Be) - Live @ Azijnfabriek!
ZATERDAG 14 OKT - start om 20:00 uur
voorverkoop € 15,00 entree € 17,50
Zet alvast in je agenda: 14 oktober komt Belgische legende DAAN naar de Azijnfabriek!

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Born on the very same day as the first Concorde flight, Daan was predestinated to write history. At the end of the seventies he got addicted to music charts, listening to them on his transistor radio, while in the middle of the eighties Daan really fell in love with pop music. After doing backing vocals on some new-beat records, he published his first full-cd with Volt: "Modern Times". Press and public were everything but convinced, which made him turn back to his job as a graphic designer. But long nights inspired Daan and after his daily job he continued writing music.

In 1997 Daan and Rudy Trouvé, ex- dEUS-gitarist, met and they decided to found Dead Man Ray. Their sound was rather experimental, energetic and highly melodic, but the real break-trough failed to occur. In 1999 Daan came up with his first solo record “Profools”. A complex puzzle of organs, guitars and absurd lyrics. It was only by the time his second album was released that Daan got his first real 15 minutes of fame: the release of “Bridge Burner” with the massive hitsingle “Swedish Designer Drugs”, which was accompanied by a videoclip, full of cowboys and Nilfisk vaccuumcleaners. The album sounded as diverse as “Profools”, but a lot more electric and danceable.

In the meanwhile Daan was on the look-out for his live band to tour with and soon he got some of the finest musicians playing together. His fifteen minutes of fame, became a couple of years when later on “Victory”, his third solo record, was released, containing hits such as the clubclassic “Housewife” and sing-a-long titelsong “Victory”. Daan received gold in no time thanks to both singles. The third single to be taken from this album was this mid-tempo sexy song, called “Addicted”. Eventually the live band consisted of 6 people, including a male backing vocalist and a female drummer.




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